Sunday, September 26, 2010

Why Does There Always Have To Be Drama?

I am the world's biggest non-believer of drama. I hate it and everything associated with it. One of the greatest things that I thought about going to college was the fact that I would be able to leave the drama behind.

Not so much.

I left it behind when I graduated college. And then it came back when I went to graduate school. What is it with musicians and drama? Or is that something associated with every major and with every student? Not to say that I don't have plenty of my own drama - because I do - and not to say that I never exhibited it or had it bring attention to myself - because I did.

But, as adults, doesn't there come a point where we grow out of it? Ever?

I'd like to think that I've grown out of the whole "Oh my God" phase of my life - where drama and gossip propelled my social life. If something happens to me, I'm pretty cautious about who I share my drama with - mainly because I don't want it coming back to me that I was talking about someone - and usually by the time it gets back to me it's something totally different than what I had originally said (remember the game 'telephone' we used to play as kids? same concept).

And then there are other instances where I might say something - and then someone gets offended because I didn't say anything good about him or her. . . when I didn't even really mention them in the conversation in the first place. What is it with musicians and their constant need to have an ego boost? I just don't understand it - are we as members of this profession just viewed as being egotistical /very full of ourselves? And are we that insecure about what we're doing that we have to be constantly told that we're awesome?

I apologize for the rant, but drama has been the theme for the month of September and I'm just sick of it.